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It's going to be a long day

Lord, beer me strength.

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P i n k H u s k y

Hello :]

My name is Jude, and on the interweb I'm known as Pinkie. This is a mix between a personal and an art journal. Comment on my first post to be added. I love friending people who are into the same things as I am :]


I am an 18 year old High School girl. THEREFOR a lot of my personal entries are wank about High School. I also cuss a lot when I get angry, so be prepared if you dont like cussing. I don't like cussing, I rarely do it outside of the internet, but when I'm pissed I need a place to vent and thats LiveJournal.

ALSO. I like TV. Kind of... a lot. And I am a major "shipper" of characters. I tend to go canon, but sometimes I like the offbeat 'ships [Brian/Stewie on Family Guy, Rachel/Joey on Friends] but other than that I'm a pretty big squealer over pairings.

My Fandoms [and 'ships!]:

-Battlestar Galactica [Kara/Lee, Roslin/Adama]
-Lost [Kate/Sawyer, Penny/Desmond]
-Futurama [Fry/Leela]
-Fringe [Peter/Olivia]
-The Office [PAM/JIM]
-Family Guy [Brian/Stewie]
-The Animaniacs
-Scrubs [JD/Elliot]
-Grey's Anatomy [Izzy/George]

Community things

Haha. None. I don't post much on the internet anymore, but I lurk like mad.

- Sketches/WIPS/Character rambles
- MySpace *I don't accept random friend requests, so make sure to message me and tell me who you are!
- Facebook *Also don't except random requests :]
- Deviantart
- FurAffinity
- Flickr *Not updated much

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